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Welcome to Boyce Care, where we take pride in providing not only the highest level of support we can, but also enriching experiences that support a sense of community and well-being for all of the individuals we support. We believe that good support, does not just focus on everyday living, but on the bigger picture. What makes life great? Each year we host our annual camping trip, which historically has been a resounding success, that brings joy and a sense of belonging to all attendees. We also host delightful day trips, to places like Bournemouth, complete with a hired bus, to ensure continuous socialization throughout these days, to maximize our commitment to creating meaningful experiences. From Christmas markets, to theatre visits, pottery clubs to Brighton Pride, we embrace local festivities, supporting businesses and celebrating diversity. The diversity within Boyce Care ensures that we have a strong team of multi-lingual staff, who are able to communicate with various individuals in their mother tongue e.g. Portuguese, Italian and Romanian and our numerous annual parties include summer BBQ’s, where individuals and staff share dishes native to their countries, celebrating the rich cultural tapestry within Boyce Care.

Empowering individuals is at the core of Boyce Care’s values. We have supported individuals to successfully gain employment and to volunteer at various locations such as farms and charity shops. Supporting individuals with employment has contributed to their financial independence, sense of accomplishment and purpose. In a momentous recognition of our dedication, our founder and director Tony Boyce, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Social Care at the Great British Care Awards 2023. This prestigious award highlights our teams commitment to making a positive impact in the social care sector. Boyce Care passionately believe in supporting people the way that they want to be supported. We listen to you, your friends, family, and the network of people around you. We will focus on your strengths and not your limitations. We believe in, and respect privacy, always ask for consent and want to support you at home doing the things you want to do. This may be through a commissioned contract with Adult Social care, if you have been assessed as requiring care and support, or privately funded to help with day to day support. We provide up to 24hrs a day with overnight services too. Please complete the box below or call the office on 01784 245817 and ask to speak to someone about an enquiry.

Get in touch today, the care we provide is person centered and we are passionate about delivering better care locally.

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