Boyce Care

Boyce care provides support to adults with Learning Disabilities and complex needs. (Complex needs are Autism and Epilepsy). Boyce Care was established in August 2007.

Boyce Care starts with an individual assessment of need and then try's to meet these needs in a person centred way. Boyce Care provides support to individuals funded by local authorities, those with personal budgets as well as those who privately purchase support.

We operate across Surrey and London. We are Registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Support staff can be provided by Boyce Care to meet the needs of individuals living alone, with parents or friends as well as those living in small groups.

Boyce Care is committed to promoting independence and being dynamic and creative with the focus upon the needs of the individuals to whom services are provided. We try to work together with those we support to maximise potential and ensure that fulfilling lives are led.

We try to focus on what people can do rather than focusing on limitations.

We have a positive attitude towards all we do and people who are around us comment upon it. Whenever appropriate we try to have fun and encourage even mundane tasks to be enjoyable.

We always aim to be

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Responding to the needs of individuals.

Listening to them and their family and friends.

React to challenges and changes as they arise.

Be dynamic in all we do, removing barriers that prevent individuals living their lives as they wish to.

Respond to the needs of staff, recognising that things change in their lives to.

Provide training and learning opportunities for individuals and staff.

Keep up to date and respond to the ever changing world we live in. Individuals give feedback about the support they receive and are encouraged to do so. Changes are made to times and methods of support in response to feedback from the individuals. Wherever possible we try to meet all requests made of us, but are equally honest if the request is impossible to meet.

We have a company trainer and development officer. We also use external training providers. This enables us to respond to the training needs of our staff to effectively support the individuals. We bring in specialist training to ensure staff are trained to support individuals particular needs, in addition to the mandatory training. Having a full time trainer we can offer bespoke training quickly, responding as needs present themselves.


We take the safety of those we support and that of our staff extremely seriously.

We undertake risk assessments and try to ensure that these assessments ensure individuals needs, aspirations and wishes can be safely achieved rather than looking at challenges as insurmountable.

We try to ensure that individuals are well advised about safety implications of choices they make in their lives within the areas of their lives where we are involved.

We ensure that safety is a priority when supporting individuals when on the support plan with any medication they might need, offer advise about the safety of the home environment, travel, and all aspects we supporting in.


It is very important that the individuals that we support feel genuinely cared for.

We are caring at all levels within Boyce care. The director and Manager make sure that they know all of those who are supported by Boyce care. We aim to employ caring genuine staff at all levels within the company. The staff also need to be cared for in order to care adequately for the individuals. We assist individuals to celebrate birthdays, promote opportunities for individuals to network and meet others at clubs and events we hold. We listen to thoughts and opinions of individuals when thinking about clubs, events and learning opportunities. The individuals expressed a desire to have a users forum to make suggestions about the company, new ideas and experiences that they would like to have. In a caring manor these things have been implemented with what they call 'Boyce's Choices '- a set of events chosen by them over and above anything listed on support plans. Some examples are, Film club on opportunity to gather to watch a film having popcorn etc without the darkness or expense of a cinema. Darkness worried some of the individuals, some also liked to talk when watching films which would not be popular at the cinema. A discussion takes place about the film so views and feelings can be expressed. There are other groups such as acting, nutrition, germ busters, breakdancing and DJ groups. Individuals could not find suitable groups available pitched at the right level so in a caring way we started them- trying as much as possible to encourage individuals to take ownership.


We believe we are effective, and clear about what we can and are unable to undertake. We stick to support of those with learning disabilities and complex needs. We do not try to support children or the elderly.

We currently effectively support some complex individuals who have been all over the care system, moved from place to place. Now with our support they are settled and we have been supporting them for up to 9 years. Some of these individuals had never been supported by a provider for more than a few months before support broke down. We have also successfully reduced support by promoting independence and the support being effectively delivered to skill build. Some individuals have gone from living with parents, to sharing to living alone all with the ongoing support of Boyce care.

We have seen individuals we support move on to require no paid support and have families, living as independently as practicable having used Boyce care support as an effective stepping stone. The individuals are encouraged to give feedback so that the support is effective, with any changes required being implemented.


We feel as a company we are well led. Our director as well as having professional qualifications has an extensive 26 years experience in the field of supporting adults with learning disabilities. Having worked at every level hands on he is able to lead us and is very credible offering great leadership. Our Manager and Deputy similarly have a great many years of hands on experience working at all levels throughout the care industry. Our Leaders at Boyce care lead by example based on personal experience and knowledge.

Everyone's role is clearly defined so staff are very clear about who leads what aspects of the company. We have a HR Officer, Compliance officer, Care coordinators, Staff coordinators, all of whom break aspects of the leadership into smaller manageable parts.

We have a clear management structure with staff and individuals well aware of support staff who are led by senior support workers. These in turn are led and supported by support supervisors.

We feel that the most important people to the individuals we support are their support workers with whom they build a trust and working relationship. So ensuring those support workers feel they are carrying out important work, being well led and well supported is really important.

In Boyce care we believe that everyone is equal and although everyone carries out different roles all are equally important. This approach is reinforced by the management going along side support staff to provide support to individuals hands on.

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